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Moved by: Tommy T.B.
25 September 2016, 16:13
Panther 534, 5th SS, Wiking
Author Message
Czołgista / Tankman

Joined: 11 Nov 2014
Location: St Louis, MO
Posted: 24 August 2016, 04:32   Panther 534, 5th SS, Wiking


Panther 534 is finally done.
This project started in February, 2015.

The final pictures appear below and the details of the build can be seen at

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Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 54
Joined: 22 Oct 2015
Location: Wągrowiec
Posted: 24 August 2016, 14:53   

Witam :honoring: Gratuluję. Model wykonałeś wspaniale oklask2 Nagroda obowiązkowa <piwko>
Pozdrowienia z krainy podziemnej pomarańczy !
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Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 35
Joined: 28 Oct 2014
Location: Jugów.PL
Posted: 24 August 2016, 19:41   

My congratulations. oklask2

Beautiful Panther, great painting, super tank.
Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 40
Joined: 06 Mar 2011
Location: Australia
Posted: 24 August 2016, 22:56   Another professional build.

Congratulations on a fine build TI. The attention to detail is superb - the most accurate 1/25 Panther I have ever seen. Well done and I look forward to your next build. oklask2
Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 56
Joined: 19 Aug 2012
Location: Warszawa.PL
  Posted: 28 August 2016, 07:54   Panther 534, 5th SS, Wiking

Great work ! My Congratulations ! Several months of hard and painstaking work resulted in a beautiful model .
Tommy T.B. 
Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 38
Joined: 01 Dec 2009
Location: Zagórze / Świętoszów.PL
Posted: 25 September 2016, 16:41   

Pretty cool model oklask2

... and deserved photo of the week :Default:

Czołgista / Tankman

Joined: 11 Nov 2014
Location: St Louis, MO
Posted: 26 September 2016, 07:07   

Tommy, Friends:

Thanks for the positive comments.
It's very nice to see my work on the Forum home page, considering all the fantastic pieces that have been there this year.

I started a JagdPanther 1-25, 2 months ago ... lots of corrections to do, lots of parts to make ... probably be another year.

Til then, let's see lots more great modelling from all the gang!
Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 57
Joined: 25 Feb 2015
Location: n ireland
Posted: 20 October 2016, 18:10   

hi tankindustry,grand job ! glad to see nothing's over done the worn off paint on wheels looks just right,i changed the cammo pattern on glacies plate on my panther and added spare track to the turret looks better now. Excellent work tank industry.outstanding!
Czołgista / Tankman

Joined: 11 Nov 2014
Location: St Louis, MO
Posted: 23 October 2016, 07:38   

Thanks for the compliments CB.
I was very happy with how this one turned out.
Recognition from highly skilled modelers such as you is a nice bonus.
The work done over the past year by all the folks participating in this forum has been marvelous. I check posts on a daily basis and really enjoy seeing new work show up.
You mentioned a few changes to your Panther. I assume that is your latest project.
If so when do we get to see it?
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