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Wittmann & Woll

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Wittmann & Woll

Post autor: happylappy » 05 października 2012, 08:12

:flag_gb: Hi all,

I present for your comments my first attempt at figure modelling. A small diorama representing Michael Witttman & Balthasar Woll in Normandy, July 1944.



Regards the figures they are from the 1:25 tankercraft series ( I know you have some too Piotr, I've seen your name in the emails! ). Woll should be wearing a Knights Cross, but the figure came without one and I couldn't figure out a way to make one. Maybe he left it at home that morning........


I painted in Enamels, and shaded with oils. I just picked out colours that look right to my eye for the Panzertruppen '44 pea-dot camo. There seems to be a lot of contention on line as to what the colours actually are.


I picked a pose for the two characters seen in a very well known photo of them (I have included it below for a comparison). I need to work on my photography, it sucks!.

Obrazek Obrazek

Happy modeling & Hals- und Beinbruch


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