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Jagdtiger / Bandai Conversion / Germany '45
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Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 40
Joined: 06 Mar 2011
Location: Australia
Posted: 1 February 2014, 23:05   Jagdtiger / Bandai Conversion / Germany '45

:flag_gb: Greetings All. For your comments I post photos of my recent completed work - A conversion of Bandai's King Tiger to a Jagdtiger.

Construction & finishing details for this build are available in this thread:


Happy Modelling!
Site Admin

Age: 53
Joined: 27 Oct 2006
Location: Gdańsk.PL
Posted: 15 February 2014, 14:55   

I would like to say, that Your relation will be inspiration for me.
Jagi looks great. Thank for the step by step relation. That the plaease to read it.
What` s now?
Zapraszam do sklepu/Welcome to the shop !
Tommy T.B. 
Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 38
Joined: 01 Dec 2009
Location: Zagórze / Świętoszów.PL
Posted: 15 February 2014, 19:57   

Hello :honoring:
I'm sorry that I am writing this so late, but I was absent (military exercises).
I will repeat it again. I congratulate you on the wonderful model and I look forward to further your model.
You can tell us your secret of how the vehicle will be next time ?

Yours sincerely
Tommy ;)

P. S. Since you have such a pretty collection of Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger, it might next be Jagdpanzer E-100? What do you think ;) ?
Czołgista / Tankman

Age: 40
Joined: 06 Mar 2011
Location: Australia
Posted: 15 February 2014, 23:09   

Hello Piotr & Tommy

Thank you for your encouraging words. Hopefully my step-by-step will help others model more 1:25 armour.

The secret? Yes, I am currently building the re-issue 1:25 Tamiya Panther A. I am at the oil paint filtering stage, so maybe it will be ready in a month or two. Also I am painting two figures (1 Tankercraft, 1 Model-Cellar) winter figures for a small diorama.

After that I am taking a break from armour to build a 1:24 Airfix ME-109. My next armour build will probably be a late Tiger-I with steel rimmed roadwheels. And for the next hunter? I like your suggestion Tommy and I will think about the E-100, but I am planning to convert the Tasca 1/24 Pz II into a Marder-II (Pak75 auf PzII)

I will post photos when I am done.

Happy modelling all.
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