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¤ King Tiger (Apr '44 production) / Bandai / Paris '44
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Czołgista / Tankman

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Posted: 21 August 2012, 01:22   ¤ King Tiger (Apr '44 production) / Bandai / Paris '44

Tiger 324, Bois de Vincennes, early August 1944. Before any of the Panzer "experten" have a go at me, yes Pz.324 was in the Vincenne Forest,
no I'don't know if it was wearing the "tiger stipes" scheme at that time (earlier photos from Mailly-Le-Camp show that it wasn't then), but hey,
I like that scheme! From those well known propaganda photos at Mailly, I could determine that it had a single-piece barrel, side-skirts and
no exhaust shrouds. It was probably an April/May production vehicle.

Given that the Bandai kit is so old it is actually pretty good. There are some small accuracy issues but nothing too hard. A short list of enhancements

-tools made from brass rod and the ABER tool set
-single-piece barrel converted using a wooden one from Piotrs' shop
-exhaust/radiator screens made from the GPM JagdTiger set and some serious surgery
-scratchbuilt bow mg34
-Eureka XXL tow cables for the tiger I (exactly the same for the King Tiger)
-Time consuming cast resin vision blocks
-scratch built rear equipment stowage using brass strip & styrene rod
-turret roof weld seams created with a Dremel and Tamiya expoy putty
-filling in of the gap in the glacis plate in front of the right vision block (standard for an earlier model)
-ABER 2m antenna (thanks Piotr!)
-small leaves from JoeFix Studios
-and of course, all that zimmeritt!

This is my first attempt at zimmeritt. I think the turret looks a bit thick, but I did much better on the hull. I created it using Tamiya quick-type
epoxy putty and a screwdriver. It was very time consuming, and numerous times i put my fingers in sections I had already finished, having to do them
again! I think I will try to avoid any more subjects that need zimmeritt.

I painted using Testors enamels & used the Zenithal lighting technique. Tiger 324 had a short but hard life. I weatheared it to look like it had been
driving around in a muddy forest. July & August 44' was hot and wet in Normandy! Numerous small bullet holes were chipped into the zimmeritt, and corners were knocked off.
I used an oil pinwash, and some filters for the dusty/muddy effect. Mig Pigments for the caked on mud and the rusting tracks. Oils were used to create water
streaks and some light rust stains.

I have another 1/24 KingTiger that I will be converting into a JagdTiger.

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Posted: 23 August 2012, 11:21   

Hello Danny!
Thank You very much for short and fast conversion scheme, but We welcome You to relation.
Next super model. Based on these old models , You are able to achieve an excellent final result . I envy and that motivate me to return to the modeling .Please more pics !

I`ve got 2 Bandai King Tigers too, but I plane to do Henschel turret .
Your Tiger has original Bandai tracks or have You used from Vs ?
Congratulation, and wait next !

P.S. My 324KT is here, but 1-35 scale. Now ,I `ve to looking for another camos cheme to my 1-24 tank ;)
Zapraszam do sklepu/Welcome to the shop !
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