Jagdpanther/Academy/Pz.Lehr reg.130 JP N823.

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Post autor: cottbus » 04 lipca 2015, 18:57

happylappy, really appreciate your comments, you have an eye for detail, must have gone over 823 with a magnifying glass, did you spot your periscope's and engine deck accessories? should have gone your road replacing the two rear vents, I replaced the hole deck! not pleased with images, lighting all wrong ,first time with a digital camera. thanks again chum.
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Post autor: happylappy » 04 lipca 2015, 19:55

Well I spotted the periscopes but I missed the rest :-) Too busy just enjoying the overall appearance of the model! Indeed I do like attention to detail, because I think if something is accurate then it will look good. But not just accuracy for accuracys sake. I'm a model builder not a re-enactor after all! Accuracy is good, but enjoying building your kit is more important. And at the end of the day, as long as you are proud of what you made, that's all that matters.

Besides, at the end of the day the average Joe off the street will look at your lovingly crafted Panther/JagdPanther/T-34/Su-100 & say "Is that a Tiger Tank? I saw that movie with Brad Pitt....." :playing:

The engine deck is a tough one indeed. As you know on my last JagdPanther build I basically removed all of the grilles & hatch and replaced them with resin & styrene. It is probably easier that way because leaving the rest of the original deck helps to retain the shape & integrity of the hull. We live & we learn!

Keep up the good work.


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